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Can you pick up a handful of soil from your garden or beneath your sod and breathe in a rich, sweet aroma? Or does the dirt smell a little unpleasant, like a fertilizer? Or, does it smell at all? Could it dead dirt?

Sick soil means sick plants.

Rod Turner is a man of our own heart. He asks: "Would you love it if your plants just leap out of the soil with the vitality of an Olympic athlete in peak competition readiness?

"What about having soil so friable and structured that you can dig it with your bare hands? Would you love that too?"

Those wonderful Garden of Eden-like qualities can be yours by following his time-tested advice. He begins by explaining why you need to know that plants actually have two root systems. One is for feeding when the sun shines. The other is for drinking almost pure soil water 24/7.

For healthy, pest-free, fantastic-tasting fruit and vegetables, plants must be fed naturally through humus.

This e-book takes you concisely through each step to create colloidal humus compost that will skyrocket plant health and produce flavor in your garden—within just weeks of applying it.

You'll discover the totally natural way to feed plants, a method that results in the tastiest, most divine food you and your family will ever have. You'll see how much less water you'll use in your garden and on your lawn by applying colloidal humus compost that you make.

And you'll see how you will be saving in money, effort, and the environment. Learn the secret to healthy soil through massive microbial action. 

Turner shows you how to create compost without a bin—a compost that doesn't repulse you, your family, or your neighbors with the aroma.

Your compost heap creates colloidal humus day-by-day without the back breaking effort of turning the pile.


Following the guidelines in this book, you'll see your plants re-energized to ward off pests, bugs and disease. And be nutritious!

You may also want to discover how ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner and Liquid Minerals play such important roles in returning soil and plants to their natural, vibrant health.

You won't believe the 6 bonuses that come with Rod's e-book. Find out more by clicking the link below. The book is available now for just $34.77—a small investment for what you'll save in fertilizer and gain in nutrition and lush plants! Plus, more than $230 in bonuses are yours when you order.  Download Your Copy Now.

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