Grow Plants Without Soil.

(Almost) never water your house plants again!

Houseplants and flowers that typically like lots of water and filtered sunlight will thrive in a hydrated Water Crystal solution. You'll need to add water only at the rate of evaporation.  Depending on climate, you won't need to touch that watering can for several weeks!

Here's how to do it.

Grow Plants Without Soil

Water Crystals as a Decorative Growth Medium.

Select an appropriate vase or container. We use clear glass containers for their transparency and light diffusion.

Measure the water to be contained and hydrate your crystals as normal by adding dry crystals to water at a rate of about one ounce for each gallon of water. Use between a half and full teaspoon of dry crystals for each 8 ounces of water. Add food coloring if desired. 

As the crystals are hydrating, remove your plant from its container. Gently separate its roots from the planting medium. You can place the roots under a gentle flow of water from your faucet to clean off as much dirt as possible. Or, work the dirt loose in a bucket of water.

You may have to let the plant roots soak for a period of time to loosen stubborn dirt and/or vermiculite clumps.

When you're satisfied that the crystals have reached their maximum hydrated size or the size that you desire, using a strainer or colander, remove the excess water. Place them back into your container to a preferred depth from the top. Save room for the plant.

When satisfied that all dirt has been removed from your plant's roots, gently work in those roots into the hydrated crystals.

When situated, they will begin to receive the hydrogen and the oxygen needed for growth. Sunlight on the plant can be filtered, as through a window; never direct, as outdoors on a balcony or table.

Soon, you'll be able to see the root growth and be able to see when your new growth solution needs more water — just by looking at the container.

With the hydrated Water Crystals, you can also start plants from seeds or cuttings. 

You can root plants faster in a Water Crystals solution than in water because the mixture makes more oxygen available to the process.

Plus, you can add nutrients. (See sidebar.)

Use a hydrated crystal planter or vase to make cut flowers last lots longer!

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Liquid Minerals

Water by itself is not a sufficiently nutritional diet.

We recommend adding a few drops of liquid minerals to help provide nutrients to your plants in this new and any other growth media for your plants.

Called ReGen 77, the organic, water-based solution contains naturally occurring minerals and trace elements derived from prehistoric plant deposits. As such, they are consider colloidal and are quickly absorbed. 

ReGen 77 is safe and beneficial for consumption by any living organism—plant and animal. That includes your plants and cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and other pets, horses, sows, gerbils, and even family members.

Why? Because ReGen 77 contains all the major minerals, plus a full spectrum of micro-nutrients and trace elements that are so important to health.

The liquid minerals are also highly beneficial as a foliar feeder. If you want to see an immediate improvement to your plants' health and appearance, mix 10 parts water with 1 part liquid minerals in a spray bottle; then spray the plant's leaves.

ReGen 77 is available for immediate shipping in 4 ounce plastic squeeze cylinder bottles for $9.75 and in 8 ounce cylinders for $19.00. Or, you can order by the gallon or drum.

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