Buyer, please beware!


"Water Crystals" has become almost a generic term, much like kleenex, xerox and coke.


Despite what you may read, not all polymers are the same; as much as copiers, facial tissues and soft drinks are not.


Super absorbent polymers are made with different bases, different chemical processes, different crushing and screening techniques and with widely varying quality control procedures.


Poor quality control leads to blends or uneven gradations that are often filled with minute dust-size particles that appear like vapor. When dry, it settles everywhere, including in lungs, mouths, nasal passages, clothing. When wetted, you may think that you will get individual crystals, but the polymer will feel greasy.


Even to practiced eyes, polymers may look the same. They are not.


Some, not intended for the applications outlined on the Web presentation, are erroneously sold for the uses described there.


Many are inferior to the product that you find on the Web site.


Lately, even we have been approached by, dare we be politically incorrect and say, "alien" companies trying to break into the market with less-than-quality products. Customers concerned with quality in their product tell us of horror stories.


We know this from industry information, long-term customers, and from many new customers, who came to us because of their dissatisfaction with less expensive products found on the Internet and at retail stores.


Some polymers, less expensive than those sold here, may fulfill your purpose. That is fine. You may be very happy with them. But, if you think you are buying the same product for a much lower price than found here, be forewarned. You, too, could be disappointed. You will not be the first. Cheaper is not always better.


We could be selling a less expensive product. We choose not to.


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