Water Crystals absorb and store water.

Water Crystals are super absorbent polymers in the form of white granules. They sometimes are referred to as hydro gels, polymer crystals, or water gels.

Use Water Crystals in your flower and vegetable gardens, in crop fields, in containers for houseplants and patio plants. They nourish shrubs, trees, and lawns as they reduce watering requirements.

They are a boost for water conservation and plant health, helping to nurture plants by preventing stress both in drought and in times of excessive moisture.

They help irrigate crops and trees, turf grasses, lawns, plants and flowers in gardens, containers and nurseries.

They are used in several proprietary industrial applications.

The product is widely popular in hand crafts and home decorating. It is a preferred, totally safe product for making hot and cold packs for muscular-skeletal treatment, shipping of perishable plants and food items. They are used to manufacture evaporative coolers for the head, neck and cool pads for pets, also known as cool ties, spin and neck coolers and cool wraps. They've been applied in fire fighting. They are used to produce humidors. They are used to feed insects that are grown for pet reptiles.

Advantages of Genuine Water Crystals.

In soil, other growth media, or in containers, and pots for houseplants, plant roots are attracted to the moisture in the hydrated crystals and tap into and draw nourishment from their content.

  • Unlike less expensive polymers, these are odorless and are significantly less susceptible to mold, bacterial growth, and fungi.

  • This product is non toxic and safe to the environment. Over time, it decomposes harmlessly.

  • Each dry crystal absorbs up to 500 times its weight in water. When hydrated, each granule turns into a gel.

Absorption rates vary widely from area to area, and even field to field, depending on the water source and salt content. Soluble salts inhibit the capacity of all super absorbent polymers.

One pound of cross-linked polyacrylamide will absorb 48-55 gallons of rainwater. One pound has been tested to absorb 22-38 gallons tap water (from wells). Even more gallons have been absorbed using treated water. Another way of looking at it: one dry ounce will absorb from 1.3 to 3 gallons. To see other measurements, click here.

Water Crystals nurture plants.

These polymer crystals give plants—flowers, garden vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns, houseplants, and field crops—a better chance of surviving dry, hot and drought conditions. When these water absorbing/storing polymer crystals are applied at root zones, plants are able to go for longer periods without direct irrigation or watering.

Here's how you can help your plants and conserve water with this product:

  • These water-absorbing polymers reduce irrigation costs in agriculture, home vegetable and flower gardens, house plants and container gardens. Houseplants, for example, can go weeks without watering when you use Water Crystals in their soil.

  • Their use dramatically increases the long-term, water holding capacity of your soil.

  • The product actually contributes to healthy plant life by reducing plant stress from too little or too much moisture and by providing hydrogen and oxygen to the root system.

  • Every living organism needs water, and these crystals capture and absorb excess moisture, alleviating runoff and storing it until needed by plants.

  • Use of this product actually improves soil structure. Through expansion-and-contraction cycles, soil is loosened and aerated. The polymer granules swell when hydrated; then, they shrink, as water is drawn from them.

  • Water Crystals are a growth aid—completely harmless to plants, soils and animals. They protect plants from the stress of harmfully radical moisture change.

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A little bit of food coloring when you hydrate these polymer crystals goes a long way for festive, seasonal, holiday and wedding decorations. Float candles in them. Cut flowers and plants will last and stand longer.

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