Water Crystal Beads

Water Crystal Beads

Safe, Attractive Decorating Accessory.

For weddings, special occasions, any kind of table decoration.

Use them to hydrate to clear beads or to a color of your choice.

Just add your choice of food coloring to these clear, water-absorbing crystal beads in amounts to achieve the intensity that you desire. Use common food coloring available at any grocery or convenience store. Place the coloring in the water to be absorbed. Use amounts and combinations to achieve the intensity and color that you want.

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Water Crystal Beads 1

Beads will swell (hydrate) to 1/2 - 3/4 inch clear, gelatinous spheres.

Contents of a 16-oz package will absorb 15-16 gallons of water. An 8-oz package will absorb 7-8 gallons; 4 ounces, nearly 4 gallons. Allow 8-10 hours for beads to fully hydrate. Warmer water will fill the beads more quickly than cool.

Marble-Sized Spheres.

These Water Crystal Beads start off as a dry spheres a fraction-of-an-inch in size and hydrate to 1/2-3/4 inch diameter. When hydrated, they are gelatinous, bouncy, squish-able, marble-size globes.

Fun to play with. Intriguing to decorate with.

Use them as clear beads. Or, add food coloring to achieve your desired color and intensity to the water they will absorb.

These Water Crystal Beads are made from an inert chemical formulation similar to that of Water Crystals. As with Water Crystals, they are completely safe and non toxic.

Use Over-and-Over Again.

You can use the beads over and over again. If you store the dehydrated beads in a sealed, dry container, you can achieve several years of use.

Use them in the spring and summer, during holidays, for special events, and at other times of the year. You'll love how easy it is to create interesting and beautiful floral decorations, centerpieces, table decorations and floating candles with them.

Water Crystal Beads are a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to marbles, pebbles and glass stones in vases and for displaying fresh and silk flower arrangements.

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Close-up photo shows virgin or raw state of Water Crystal Beads alongside hydrated state.

Size Absorbs Price
4-oz Bag 3.5-4 gal $ 8.50
8-oz Bag 7-8 gal $13.50
16-oz Bag 15-16 gal $22.00
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