Water Crystals

Water Crystals reduce watering and irrigation requirements as they protect your plants from drought stress. They are used in gardening, farming and in a variety of home decorations and hand crafts. They are a white, free-flowing, granular, super absorbent polymer. Sometimes referred to as hydrogels, water polymer crystals, water absorbing crystals, the small granules absorb and store water. They are a big boost in water conservation, helping growers and property owners to care for plants in times of tightened water restrictions.

With their use, your plants — flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns and houseplants — have a better chance of surviving in drought conditions. The polyacrylamide co-polymers help reduce irrigation in agriculture, home vegetable and flower gardens, house plants, and container gardening. Their use dramatically increases the long-term, water holding capacity of soil.

Water Crystals help nurture healthy plants

These polymer crystals contribute to healthy plant life and growth by reducing plant stress.

Every living organism needs water, and these polymers effectively absorb excess water, alleviating runoff and storing it until needed by plants. Their use actually improves soil structure.

As a gardening product and soil amendment, these polymer crystals significantly lengthen intervals between watering. This is true for lawns, vegetable and flower gardens, house plants, container gardens, trees, and field crops.

The product is popular in hand crafts and home decorating, hot and cold packs, and evaporative coolers (also known as cool ties, cool wraps, spin and neck coolers) for the head, neck and family pets.

A quality polymer crystal

Genuine Water Crystals are a quality processed, cross-linked polyacrylamide co-polymer.

This product will not retain salts, as do other brands, imitations, and types of polymers. And, unlike less expensive water polymer crystals and imitation products, these are odorless, and significantly less susceptible to mold and bacterial growth. The product is non toxic and safe to the environment.

Each dry water polymer crystal absorbs up to 500 times its weight in water. When hydrated, each dry granule turns into a gel, containing the water it absorbs. By squeezing a hydrated crystal, the polymer won't leak moisture. Instead, it will break into smaller particles that dehydrate to smaller granules.

The super absorbent polymer (SAP) granules, when hydrated, save irrigation costs and help prevent plant stress from dry conditions in throughout the world, in nurseries, sod and turf farms, crop fields, in home gardens and residential lawns.

Absorbs and holds excess moisture

Within several minutes after immersion or contact with water, a granule the size of a sesame seed begins to swell up to the size of an acorn. In soil, the environmentally-safe polymer absorbs and holds excess moisture, conserving water in the soil so that plants can drink it before it has the chance to run off.

Feeder roots of plants seek these small reservoirs, penetrating the crystal’s membrane to give its plant life-sustaining hydrogen and oxygen. The polymer granules absorb and store the excess surrounding soil moisture and nutrients. Hydrated crystals are gradually drained of water from the plants and from ambient temperature.

When it rains or when the soil is irrigated, or the container plant watered, the polymer crystals will again absorb excess  moisture. They are capable of continuing the process thousands of times. Agricultural testing ceased after a dozen years.

See how a small investment in this amazing product will help preserve your plants and help care for both indoor and outdoor container plants, improve soil and reduce water bills.  Click here for more info-only.

Other applications

This polymer is also used in a variety of hand crafts, household and seasonal decorations, floating candles and candle designs; as neck coolers, cool wraps, cool ties and pads, as hot/cold compresses for muscular/skeletal care; and, in a variety of proprietary products in many industries.  See other applications.

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