Water Crystals

Water Crystals™ are a superior super absorbent polymer (SAP). These water absorbing crystals help conserve moisture in the soil and conserve water.

When mixed or tilled into soil, the dry polymer crystals absorb and retain water from irrigation, watering or natural precipitation for extended periods.

Water Crystals reduce watering frequency

When properly applied, these polymer crystals can reduce your watering frequency by:

• 50-75% in potted plants
• 15-40% on lawns and golf courses, and
• 20-40% for most irrigated field crops.

Ninety-five percent of the water stored in these polymer crystals will  available to your plants.

Control fluctuation of soil moisture between watering

Too much water at one time and not enough water at another time results in water stress that stunts growth and/or reduces yields.

Because the amended soil would be much less compacted than untreated soil (due to the expansion and contraction of the crystals as they go through repeated hydration/dehydration cycles), the growth medium's ability to hold water actually improves.

Hold moisture close to plant root system

Polymer crystals hold water in the general area of a plant's root system, thus helping prevent water loss by percolation down past the roots.

The key is proper application of correct amounts into the general root area, with relationship to the water source. For example, when placed shallow in a dry land planting the amended soil will obviously absorb more water from light rains than if they were deep-planted.

Eliminate plant stress from lack of moisture

You can help plants survive through drought conditions by keeping this new water reserve near your plants' root systems.

When properly applied, they allow emergency water to be drawn from the soil. Without them, ground dries and hardens, root systems begin to dry and enter stages of stress. Before long, stress kills the plant.

Help plants survive longer in drought conditions

Permanent wilting point is the "point of no return" for a plant.

Here's an experiment to confirm this: place two lettuce plants in containers (one containing Water Crystals™, the other without). Use the same amount of soil, and water them equally until fully grown. Next, stop watering, and observe the results. 

The plant with crystals will normally live at least a week longer than the other plant, depending on climate. This works the same for all plants. In your home. In your garden. In pots and containers. On your lawn. And, in crop fields.

Absorb, store and release fertilizer and nutrients to plants 

These polymer crystals not only store water for plants, they also become a repository of nutrients. They will absorb any aqueous, non-petroleum based solution.

If fertilizer is present and washed into the soil with water, the crystals will absorb the mixture. This prevents the nutrient from percolating through the soil, past the root system where it will do no good. When the crystals absorb the nutrient-laden solution, water-carrying capabilities are reduced, only absorbing half as much nutrient-laden solution. As the expansion and contraction of the crystals continue through subsequent waterings, the nutrient-laden water is slowly released into the soil.

As this "purging" takes place, the crystals return to their normal water-absorbing capacity. This process leads to better conditions and stronger, healthier root systems, reducing efforts for healthy plant care.

Make composting more efficient

Extensive tests using compost and peat moss prove that Water Crystals™ hold moisture and make the growing medium easier to rewet.

Tested and Approved

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certified Water Crystals to be non-hazardous. The product has been certified under 29CFR1910.1200.

Water Crystals are inert. They will not be absorbed into plants or migrate into ground water. They will hold nitrates, phosphates, and minerals next to the roots or plants. Doing so, reduces the leaching of these elements into ground water. Preliminary research has shown that the crystals attract the bacteria and microorganisms essential to plant growth.

Water Crystals™ improve soil structure in several ways

• Through reduced watering intervals, the soil has less build-up of salts

• Because the crystals are always expanding and contracting, soil is loosened and aerated, reducing compaction and hardness and improving the condition of the growth medium

• Since they hold moisture and nutrients, soil is less susceptible to drying out

On the other hand, if extreme wet conditions occur, fully hydrated, the polymer crystals in the soil will allow excess water to pass through. 

Highest quality with proven performance

Compared with similar products, Water Crystals™ have superior longevity.

Water Crystals remain 95% effective after 5-12 years in stable soil. If not exposed to sunlight or U-V rays in their hydrated form, one application should last at least 5 years and as many as 12 in normal soil without replacement. In crop fields, some replenishment should be done annually.

The product is used extensively to create long-lasting neck coolers, cool wraps, hot/cold packs for muscular-skeletal pain relief, and in a variety of other, proprietary applications.

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