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Save Your Plants from Moisture/Drought Stress ...

Water Them Less Frequently ...

Yet Help Them Thrive in All Seasons ...

Grow Plants Without Soil ...

Use Them in Craft Projects, Like Cool Wraps, Neck Coolers, Candles ...

Water Crystals Absorb and Store Water.

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You'll love what they do for you, and your plants will thank you. (U.S. fulfillment only.)

This page is for purchasing our premium Water Crystal that has a life cycle greater than 12 years. Want our potassium-base Water Crystal for less, but with a life cycle of 3-5 years, yet with a choice of 3 gradations?
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Water Crystals absorb and store water. Here, 1/8 teaspoonful of crystals  dry and hydrated.

3 Ounce Pack of Water Crystals $13.50, Total Cost
[ U.S. only ] Delivered via First Class Mail
6 Ounces of Water Crystals (2 3-oz Packs) $18.50, Total Cost
[ U.S. only ] Delivered via First Class Mail
Each ounce will make 9-12 standard neck coolers, control-irrigate a dozen or so container plants, or absorb and store one gallon of water. Once you try Water Crystals, you'll want to use them also in your garden, on your lawn, for your trees and shrubs, and in variety of other hand crafts. Store.