Water Crystals

Unbeatable Potting Soil and Plant Mix.

You Won't Find This in any Store. Instead, you can blend it yourself with ingredients you can buy here. And, your plants will love you for it!

This is a way to stop container pots from leaking and ensure your plants have enough water to drink.

How would you like to extend your plant watering intervals to 4 weeks, or more?

Yes, you can!

Grow Plants Without Soil

Stop those Planter and Container Leaks that Stain Carpeting.

Living, thriving plants are beautiful additions to any environment. But the ugliest part of any houseplant or container plant is the drip receptacle beneath the pot and the stains caused by over-watering.

Even with the drip protection, no matter how hard you try to nourish a thirsty pan sparingly, water seems to get through the medium and bottom of the pot and onto your carpet or floor. Sometimes, it's as if the plant mix is just a sieve that brings down all those nasty things that stain a carpet and crystallize in a drip basin. The same thing happens outdoors with hanging plants.


Wouldn't it be easier to sponge up the water before you have to sponge up your floor and clean the stain from your carpet?

Well, now there is a way to prevent all that mess and save the water for what it was intended.

Absorb the water and store it in the container pot with powder Water Crystals. Two tablespoons of these water absorbent crystals blended into your potting mix (for a 10 x 12 inch pot) will absorb water as you hydrate the plant mix. These tiny granules become reservoirs of water within the growth medium and, absorbing or soaking up the water and storing it and nutrients in the soil for your plant.

Results? No drip-through. No leaks. No spills to mop up. No carpet to blot dry. No stains to clean. No dirty crystals on a drip basin.

Your plants stay hydrated. And, you can extend your watering by up to 3-4 weeks! (We've done it by as much as 6-7 weeks! But we're trying to be conservative in our enthusiasm.)

Try it. You won't be disappointed. You can purchase granular powder Water Crystals in volumes as low as 8 ounces. Better yet, blend your potting mix with ReGen 77 (see next section) to add vital nutrients and health to the soil. One pound of the material is good for a dozen or more 12-inch containers.

Unbeatable Planting Mix for House Plants and Container Plants.

For each 10 x 12 inch pot, mix 2 tablespoons of ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner with your favorite potting soil or, when repotting, blend it with the excess soil from the container and replenishment mix.

To this, mix in 1/2 - 1 tablespoon of dry granular powder Water Crystals. Use the larger amount if your medium contains sandy soil.

Blend well.

ReGen 77 will replenish the nutrients needed in your soil and increase the growth medium's ability to absorb water and oxygen.

The powder water absorbing Water Crystals will rapidly soak up and store the access water in the plant mix. It will hold it within that soil, creating a nurturing environment for your plants to thrive. It will retain those nutrients regenerated by ReGen 77 and actually help create new ones to encourage healthy plant life. You won't find this in any store.

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See for yourself.

Not convinced of Water Crystals ability to absorb water? Well, here's a little test to prove it.

Take two ladies' hose or nylon or synthetic socks. (Be sure they don't have holes in the toes.) In each, place about 4 inches of sand, the purer the better. The best sand contains no clays or gravel or other materials. Ideally, you want a sand that will act like a sieve. Good sand.

In one sock, place a teaspoon or two of water absorbent Water Crystals—any gradation, although the finer particles will absorb faster. Mix the crystals in with the sand.

Fill two containers (water glasses, empty cans, jars, water bottles) with 8 ounces of lukewarm water from the tap. (You can use cold water, too, but you'll have to wait longer.) With lukewarm water, let the socks stay in the water for 15-30 minutes.

Then, lift the two socks out of the containers.


The pure sand is a sieve, and if you held it over the container, all the water should have dripped back into it.

The sand treated with Water Crystals doesn't leak!

That same action takes place in soil.

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