Water Crystals™ dramatically reduce watering frequency and protect lawns and gardens during drought conditions.

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Turf and Vegetable Gardens & All Broad Acre Applications:
  • Dry Water Crystals should be applied to the soil surface and tilled to the depth to which the particular plant’s roots grow.
  • After planting, heavy watering or irrigation should be performed to fully hydrate the polymer crystals.
  • Application rate: 2-5 lbs. of polymer crystals per 1,000 sq. ft per inch of soil depth.

    Factors which may influence application rate are: soil characteristics (higher rate on light soils; lower rate on heavy soils), climatic conditions (higher rate if evaporative losses are high; lower rate if rainfall is normally heavy and soil drains poorly), and the type of plant to be gown (higher rate if plant requires much water; lower rate if plant is drought-resistant or susceptible to water-induced infections).

Turf Applications:

  • Before placing sod, first treat the soil with the the polymer Water Crystals, till, and thoroughly water. Sod can then be placed and watered as normal.
  • When seeding or hydro mulching, treat the soil with Water Crystals, till, and then top-dress with ½-1 inch of untreated soil. Sow the seed as normal, then thoroughly water.

In both applications, a normal watering or irrigation program should be carried out until the roots begin to grow into the treated layer of soil. University studies have shown that watering can be reduced as much as 40% with the use of Water Crystals on lawns and large turf areas like golf courses and parks.

Lawns will require 2-5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. per inch of soil and root depth.

It is difficult, but not impossible to apply the product to established turf. It takes extra effort and more product than with new lawns, and it could require annual or every-other-year treatments.

  • Aerate extra-thoroughly—as much as three passes over your turf instead of one.
  • Broadcast or wind spread Water Crystals at a rate 3-6 lbs per 1,000 sq. ft. per inch of root depth.
  • Use a garden or leaf rake to move as many of the dry polymer crystals into the plug holes as possible.
  • Do not water for at least 24 hours, allowing as many polymers on the surface to find their way into your turf.
  • Saturate thoroughly on your first irrigation.

Do not be concerned about the hydrated crystals remaining on the surface. They will look like small water gel nuggets, and they will harmlessly decompose as they are exposed to direct sunlight. Until they disappear, they will actually serve to cool your turf from the heat of the sun. 

Apply next year or the following year at a rate up to 85 percent less, depending on the first season's performance.

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Feeder roots seek out the filled reservoirs of Water Crystals, penetrating their gel-like membranes to provide continuing water supply to the plant.