Water Crystals™ have been tested and approved for use in agriculture. For turf. For nurseries. And, for homes and gardens.

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Tested and approved.

Water Crystals are inert. They will not be absorbed into plants or migrate into ground water.

By absorbing the water near the root zone of plants, Water Crystals will hold nitrates, phosphates, potassium, iron, zinc, boron and other water-soluble elements within their reservoirs. Doing so reduces the leaching of these elements into ground water. Research has shown that the crystals actually attract microorganisms essential to plant growth, serving as an additional nourishment and improving the soil.

Water Crystals fill and release. With rain, normal watering, or crop irrigation, the crystals expand to capture and retain excess moisture in the soil. This property reduces run-off.

When they dehydrate or empty through feeding roots, their shrinkage causes the soil to naturally aerate, reducing compaction and hardness.

Water Crystals are a super absorbent polymer (SAP) that has been shown to be 95% effective as a soil amendment for as long as 12+ years.

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certified these Water Crystals are non-hazardous. The products have been certified under 29CFR1910.1200.

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