Water Crystals

Water Crystals™ Have Demonstrated Dramatic Results in Every Application.

When used with row crops:
  • 5 lbs. of Water Crystals™ provides 650,000 crystals per acre.

  • If 28,000 seeds are planted per acre, 23 crystals will help hydrate each plant.

  • Applying 15 lbs. of Water Crystals per acre provides 70 crystals per plant.

  • One pound of Water Crystals will hydrate from 15-50 gallons of water, depending on its pH.

  • Fifteen pounds will retain 225-750 gallons of water.

By using Water Crystals, stress can be reduced in all growing plants:

  • Crops

  • Trees

  • Vegetables in gardens

  • Flowers

  • Lawns

Every plant will have a stronger root growth because of a continued supply of water. A Water Crystal is a super-absorbent polymer used as a soil amendment to conserve water and help nurture plant growth.

Water Crystals used in growing seasons produce the these kinds of documented results:
  • Melons grown in eastern Kansas experienced a 50% increase in weight production when Water Crystals were incorporated with the seeds at planting.

  • An Indiana farmer planted 40 acres of sweet corn. Half the acreage contained Water Crystals, and the harvest averaged one ear per stalk more than the acreage planted without this hydration product. The field received 16 inches of rainfall.

  • In Colorado, a Water Crystals user raising corn applied 7.5 lbs. of the product on 50% of his circle. When harvested for ensilage, the half with Water Crystals contained 3,000 more lbs. per acre than the harvest of the half without. The user applied the same amounts of fertilizer and water on the entire circle. He found the root system of the plants in the Water Crystal treated soil was much larger; the soil, much softer.

  • On a 100-acre field of sorghum, 10 acres contained 7.5 lbs. of Water Crystals. The other 90 acres contained none. The 10 acres produced 670 bales of feed. The 90 acres had to be turned into pasture for grazing. There was not enough sorghum to harvest because of dry land farming. The grower credits the difference to Water Crystals’ ability to hold and store water for plants. Water, then, was  available when his crop needed it. The soil is sandy, and the farmer said Water Crystals held onto the water for a long time after rainfall, instead of losing the excess water through leaching. The produce served as a fertilizer and soil amendment.

  • Water Crystals, when used in in potting houseplants, will reduce the need to water by as much as 75%.

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