Several craft experts and entrepreneurs have developed useful and imaginative applications for these polymer water crystals.

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These small, pure polymer water crystals absorb and hold water to make cool ties, wraps, and pads, neck coolers, and crafts. They expand to hold up to 500 times their dry size, swelling from the size of a freckle to almost that of an acorn.

As their moisture content is depleted from warmth and transpiration, the water crystals return to near their original size and smaller. When wetted again, they re-swell with water--cool or hot. This expansion and contraction takes place for years.

And, unlike other types of hydrogels, Water Crystals™ are a pure polyacrylamide co-polymer that absorbs and releases salts. These water crystals are odorless and non toxic, and they are less susceptible to mold and unpleasant bacteria than other types of polymer crystals on the market.

Applications for Water Crystals

  • Dust abatement

  • Float candles

  • Wedding decorations

  • Water absorption from gasoline/diesel fuel tanks. The crystals will not absorb petroleum products; only the water.

  • Fire fighting and flame-coating

  • Neck and head coolers

    Read an excellent article in the July 2004 issue of Sew News Magazine.  Or, select this link for a printer-friendly version. (A new window will open.)

  • Bare root treatments

  • Plant storage

  • Growing plants without soil

  • Preserve Lucky Bamboo plants

  • Humidors for cigars

  • Humidors

  • Drinking water for crickets and other insects for feeding reptiles. No mess; no fuss; no drowning.

  • Preserve flowers in shipping

  • Preserve food and perishables in shipping

  • Container gardening. You'll be surprised at how just a small amount of Water Crystals will keep the watering can in the cabinet and your plants healthy! Or, make this unbeatable potting soil! Dripless hanging plants!

  • Hot/cold packs

  • Ice Crystals and IceGels

  • Proprietary industrial applications

  • People have even taken warm therapeutic baths in them

  • Even feedlot clean-up!

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Craft Ideas:

Neck and head coolers
Cool wraps for yourself and your pets
Hand crafts and home decorating
Growing plants without soil
Hot/cold packs
Ice Crystals and IceGels

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