How Water Crystals Work and Where They are Used.

How Water Crystals Work.

Water Crystals absorb and hold water, storing it for an intended application.

In gardening, horticulture and agriculture, hydrated crystals become reservoirs of moisture for thirsty plants. They capture excess irrigation in any type of gardening or farming, helping keep the soil moist and creating a healthier growing environment.

They will hold the water for extended periods of time until drained through transpiration. At that time or anytime prior, hydration can be replenished to their water holding capacity, which is 400-500 times their dry size.

When mixed or tilled into soil, Water Crystals will absorb and retain excess water for periods lots longer than untreated soil is capable of doing. The extent of time depends on ambient temperature, humidity and the thirst of the plant(s) the soil feeds. 

Increase Water Availability For Plants.

In all cases, Water Crystals increase the availability of water to plants. And they actually conserve water.

If you squeeze a hydrated crystal, the polymer won't leak moisture as does a sponge. Instead, the hydrated polymer gel will break into smaller pieces or crystals. A water crystal will dehydrate back to granules smaller than their original size, but replenish as full as its maximum.

Within several minutes after immersion or contact with water, a Water Crystal the size of a sunflower seed begins to grow to the size of an acorn.

With these water polymer crystals, you won't have to wait overnight or use distilled water to see the crystals swell.

In soil, the environmentally-safe polymers absorb and hold excess moisture, conserving water in the soil before it runs off so that plants can drink it. Feeder roots of plants seek these small reservoirs, penetrating the crystals' membranes to give its plant life-sustaining hydrogen and oxygen.

Nutritive Source.

The crystals absorb and store dissolved nutrients from the surrounding soil soil. When hydrated, they supply water to plants. They do not drain water from plants or compete with them for moisture.

Instead, hydrated crystals are gradually drained of water from the drinking plants and from ambient temperature.

Then, when it rains or when the soil is irrigated, or the container plant watered, the Water Crystals will again absorb excess  moisture. They are capable of continuing the process thousands of times. Agricultural testing ceased on the sodium crystals after a dozen years. A percentage of annual replenishment in crop fields is called for not because of product degradation, but because of soil disturbance. A hydrated crystal must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

To see the products' Material Safety Data Sheets, click here.

Small Price for Preserving Plants.

See how a small investment in this amazing product—which is also referred to as polymer crystals or hydro gels—will help protect your plants. Water Crystals are a big plus for both indoor and outdoor plants—those in the ground and those in containers. They improve soil quality and reduce watering. Try some. A little goes a long way

Generally, the smaller the crystal, the faster it will absorb water.

  • A midsize crystal is a general purpose product for normal soils, container and potted plants, gardens, crop fields, lawns, trees and shrubs. This size also has been the preferred crystal for hand crafts and neck coolers.

  • For clay soils, use the larger crystals. They will help break up the clay and make the soil more porous. This size is the second choice for hand crafts and home decorations.

  • For sandy soils, bare root planting, and for pre-conditioning a potting soil to retain moisture, use the granular powders.

Where Water Crystals Are Used.

Water Crystals save irrigation costs and help prevent plant stress from dry conditions in crop farming throughout the world, in nurseries, on sod and turf farms and in home gardens and lawns, in container gardens, plants and houseplants.

Their application does not eliminate the need for irrigation. 

Instead, it reduces the frequency needed for watering. For some agricultural results, see Results With Water Crystals.

Water Crystals are used in a variety of hand crafts, household and seasonal decorations, floating candles and candle-holder designs, as neck coolers, cool wraps, cool ties and pads, as hot/cold compresses for muscular/skeletal care, in a variety of proprietary products and other applications, including humidors and insect feeding. They are used to regulate the humidity in enclosed spaces.


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1/8 teaspoon of dry Water Crystals will hydrate to about 1/3 of a cup. [Copyright 2004, Tandem Marketing Corp.]

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Manufacturing specs avail a product 850-2000 microns in size. That's the same as saying, 0.85-2mm in size. (One thousand microns is a millimeter, or about 4% of an inch. It takes 25.4 of those milimeters to make an inch.)

The potassium-base crystals are available in three gradations: 

  • Granular powder (less than 1000 microns)

  • Midsize, 850-2000 microns

  • Large gradation (1700-4000 microns)

These gradations are measured in the polymer's original, dry states. Each granule swells 400-500 times its weight with water. The large gradation polymer crystals swell to 1.5-1.75 inches, or 38-45mm.

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