Water Crystals




Large and Mid Gradation Water Crystals store water for thirsty crickets—without mess or fuss.


Mid gradation Water Crystals can be used as alternative sources of humidity for confined spaces,
such as in tobacco and cigar humidors.

Water Crystals absorb and store water. Here, 1/8 teaspoonful of crystals — dry and hydrated.


Feed Thirsty Crickets for Reptiles


Water Crystals are a clean, healthy way to quench the thirst of roaches, crickets and other feeder insects.

Water Crystals will keep your insects from drowning, keep their habitat clean, and last longer than just water. Water is actually stored inside the hydrated granule, forcing your insects to suck it out when thirsty.

You won't have to water as often, and you'll replace the wick method and sponge.

You'll have a hard time finding better prices than for these Water Crystals.

Each ounce makes more than one gallon! Order either mid or large gradation in 8 ounce or 1-lb bags or 3-ounce plastic jars.

Small Humidifiers


Hydrated Water Crystals make fine sources of humidity for when you need to keep things from drying out in confined spaces, as in tobacco humidors.

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