Protect your plants from stress and help them survive drought conditions. Great water conservation tool!


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Why you should use Water Crystals

Water Crystals for water conservation during drought

Water Crystals™ are a superior water-absorbing polymer. Their primary benefit is a dramatic increase in long-term water holding capacity within soil.

When mixed or tilled into soil, the dry crystals absorb and retain water from irrigation, watering or natural precipitation for extended periods.

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Water Crystals Reduce Watering Frequency during drought and anytime

When properly applied, Water Crystals can reduce watering frequency by

•     50-75% in potted plants
•    15-40% on lawns and golf courses, and
•    20-40% for most irrigated field crops.

This product's water storage capacity significantly reduces stress periods in virtually all plants by providing extra reserved water stored in hydrated crystals. Ninety-five percent of the water stored in Water Crystals is available to plants.

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Water Crystals Control Fluctuation of Soil Moisture Between Watering

Too much water at one time and not enough water at another time results in water stress on your plants. Plant stress can cause stunted growth and/or reduced yields.

Water Crystals, when properly applied to the soil, will reduce water stress because they hold water close to a plant's root system within the soil. Because the growth medium is much less compacted than untreated soil (due to the expansion and contraction of Water Crystals as they go through repeated hydration/dehydration cycles), the soil's natural ability to hold water significantly improves.

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Water Crystals Hold Moisture Close to Plant Root System during drought

Water Crystals™ promote root growth. They hold water in the general area of a plant's root system, thus helping prevent water loss by percolation down past the roots.

The key is proper application of correct amounts into the general root area, with relationship to the water source being critical. For example, Water Crystals placed shallow in a dry land planting will obviously absorb more water from light rains than if they were deep-planted.

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Water Crystals Eliminate Plant Stress From Lack of Moisture during drought

Water Crystals™ help plants survive through drought conditions by keeping a water reserve tied into the plant root system. When properly applied to the soil, Water Crystals allow emergency water to be drawn from the soil, where untreated crops have none. Without them, ground dries and hardens. Without water, root systems begin to dry and enter stages of stress. Before long, stress will kill the plant.

Water Crystals form tiny reservoirs of water-holding gel that have entrapped previous excess water. These reservoirs are tapped by plants during drought conditions.

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Close-up photo of this plant's root system shows how feeder roots penetrate Water Crystals' membranes. They tap into continuing nourishment for the plant, helping minimize time and effort for caring for both indoor and outdoor plants.


Water Crystals Help Plants Survive Longer in Drought Conditions

Permanent wilting point is the "point of no return" for a plant.

Try this:  place two lettuce plants in containers (one containing Water Crystals™, the other without). Use the same amount of soil, and water them equally until fully grown. Next, stop watering, and observe the results.

The plant with Water Crystals will normally live at least a week longer than the other plant, depending on climate. This works the same for all plants. In your home. In your garden. In pots and containers. On your lawn. And, especially in crop fields.

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Water Crystals Effectively Retain Water for water conservation during drought

Water Crystals™ extend the time between irrigation and natural rainfall by storing water and slowly releasing it to the plants.

They reduce the upward movement of soil moisture loss due to surface evaporation.

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